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Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Good
Matthew and I met in Mr. Neff's art class. Matt was a senior and i was a sophmore. He right away was attracted to me, but me on the other hand was not attracted to him. From that momment on he kept tring to get to know me and like most people who are in a class together you get to know eachother. Well Matt kept asking me out EVERY day. But EVERY day i said no. Or sometimes i'd make up excusses like, "Sorry i can't date til i'm 16" Then my brithday rolled around and i was 16, so he asked me out again, and once again i said no. I finally did say yes, but only to get him outta my hair. It wasn't a relationship really, because we never did anything. Never talked, we didn't do anything. So we "brokeup" so that i could go out with someone else and so could he. Well Matt ended up graduating from high school. and i never forgot about him. then next year we seen eachother finally at a football game, he came with his friends. Once again he asked me out and such, i told him i had a boyfriend but that didn't stop him from tring. Well, we ended up going out and i've never been happier! Matthew and I have been together for 4 years now and August 27th of this year we will be married for a year. We have two beautiful children together Jacob Michael and Sarai Helen. I don't think i could ask for a better life.
Thank You