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The 2009 National Certification and Registration Program for Certified Pool/Spa Operator's In...

-Location's & Dates coming soon!

Become a professinal pool operator with the National Swimming Pool Foundation's Certification and Registration Program!

About NSPF

The National Swimming Pool Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose interest is research, education and safety in aquatics. The Foundation, which was establised in 1964, developed the Certified Pool Operator Course in 1974 after recognizing the need for trained operators to manage public and commerical pool facilities. NSPF certifies as CPO's those persons who successfully complete the instruction and pass the exam. The program is the most accomplished course and is widely accepted by health officials. It is a national and international program. The CPO program is a requirement for commercial pool operators in many states. There are several hundred authorized instructors that teach the course.

CPO a Professional in Aquatics

There are approximately 9,000,000 commercial and public aquatic facilities. The CPO course provides training for the Professional Operator to maintain the efficient, effective, economical and safe use of these facilities. While many state health departments are requiring pool/spa certification, it is estimated that eventually all state health departments will require operators to hold a valid certificate. Over 37,000 individuals are ceritfied and recognized worldwide.

About CPO Services

Your instructor, Sandra Good, has a Bachelor of Science degree in Enviornmental Health Science. Specializing in public and commercial pool management, operation and safety, she has been a Certified Pool Operator Instructor since 1994.