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Hey! Thanks for checking out the page. On this page you can make an appointment to have pictures taken by clicking on the 'make appointment' link to the left of the page. I do all kinds of pictures... graduation, family, kids, baby annoucements, headshots, pets, etc. I have a portfolio page with all pictures that I have taken, if you want to check them out! On the portfolio page I will have accounts for all photo's taken in a photo shoot. Each photo shoot will be posted for a month only unless I have no new photo's. These photo's will NOT be able to be copied. Though you can order them online, or you can order them from me by phone. Please keep checking back for new stuff!!! Thanks for stopp'n by!


Cost to have photo's taken
-No sitting fee
-8x10's $5.00 each
-Wallet's $2.00 per sheet
-5x7's $4.00 each
-4x6's .50 cents each
*for each speical effects photo I add .50 cents
For all photo's there is a fee of $20.00 for my service. Tax is included in price's.

You can buy a cd with all photo's for $75.00

Jon & Kate plus 8 commerical and Promo trailer for Fun land (my husband is in it)

Another photoshoot will be comeing up. Dates will be posted. Keep checking back!!!


e-mail me at: