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BGood Designs

I will create web site's for anyone. I will create personal site's and buisness site's. All you have to do is provide information about how and what you want the site to look like and what information you want on it. In order to have a web site created by BGood Designs you would need to either click here and fill out the information or you can contact me at:

Brandi Good
419-783-7392 or e-mail me at:

The cost to have me design a web site varies in price.
Once you have filled out the form or contacted me with information on your web site we can start on creating a web site.

Package 1: I create your web site from the ground up. What this means is I create an account for you on a web hosting site and then design your whole web site based on what you want. I will be setting up your whole web site.

Package 2: I will only create a web design. You will be provideing your own account information from a web hosting site. You will set up your whole web site, I will just create a layout for it.

I am currently working on a web site project for a arobics instructor. I'll post updates!

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